Other bugs

This is the list of bugs that I can't fix, at least not realistically. It may also include bugs that I prefer not to work around in the renderer, even though it may be feasible.

The part of the renderer that was open sourced is only the lower half of the rendering engine. A large part of the rendering code is in the upper half, which was not open sourced (this is contained in the file render.dll for UT on Win32). It's also possible that various issues I can't fix in the renderer are in other higher level parts of the engine code, or perhaps in script code somewhere.

Gamma correction problems on ATI cards
ATI driver versions 3.10 through 5.8 (current as of this update) may prevent gamma correction from working correctly with UT in OpenGL mode, and various other games. This is an ATI driver issues and isn't anything I can fix. If gamma correction doesn't work, try moving the in game gamma slider back and forth as this will sometimes fix it. Switching out of full screen mode and back again may also sometimes work around the problem.

With some ATI drivers, gamma correct screenshots will not work. This is due to their drivers causing the SetDeviceGammaRamp Win32 API call to return failure is cases where it actually succeeded.

Gamma correct screenshots always full brightness
If gamma correct screenshots are enabled, they will always be gamma corrected as if the in game brightness slider is set to full brightness even if it is not. This is due to higher level engine code doing a screen flash that sets the gamma correction higher, and grabbing the screenshot during the screen flash. If higher level engine code grabbed the screenshot before doing the screen flash, this problem would be fixed.

Black instead of transparent areas with S3TC skyboxes (Masked S3TC texture problems)
Recent updated renderers added support for masked S3TC textures. Older renderers did not support masked S3TC textures. Even with this update, existing problems with black areas in older S3TC skybox textures will not be fixed since the texture data does not contain proper masking information in many cases.

Blurry crosshair at resolutions greater than 1152x864
At standard resolutions above 1152x864, the crosshair size is increased. It also becomes blurry. The blur problem could be fixed if higher level engine code used a different polyflag when drawing the crosshair.

TruForm applied to more objects than just players
Without modifications to higher level engine code, there's no easy way to only apply TruForm to objects such as players where it is likely to work correctly, but not various other objects where it often doesn't look good. This could be solved by higher level engine code using an extra polyflag to indicate which objects should have TruForm applied to them.

TruForm problems when polygons cross the edge of the screen
Higher level engine code clips triangles that cross the edge of the screen. This destroys data required for TruForm to work correctly. This could be solved by having an option to not clip these triangles, as various renderers don't need this type of clipping to be done. In most cases, not doing this clipping in the higher level engine code should also improve performance.

Lots of files compiled with incremental linking enabled
A lot of other engine code in version 436, and possibly other versions, was compiled with incremental linking enabled. This option generally shouldn't be used for non-debug builds since it leads to increased memory usage and hurts cacheability. Although the overall effects may be minor, fixing this is as easy unchecking a box in MSVC and rebuilding everything.

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