Beta builds

Beta renderer builds. Not recommended for general use.

Experimental renderer build for Deus Ex: (131 KB).
Experimental renderer build for Deus Ex: (131 KB).

This renderer adds new experimental lighting features for meshes. It contains a new mesh drawing function that hopefully draws everything almost exactly like the old one when the other new features are not activated. However, this is a beta build and testing all cases is difficult, so it may have some rendering bugs.

Need to add one line to the [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice] section of DeusEx.ini to enable the new features in this renderer:

Then need to change one other setting to True (either in the file or through the Advanced Options window):

Also need to make sure that UseVertexProgram and UseFragmentProgram are enabled for the interesting parts of the new features to work. Either way, the new mesh path can still be used. This may be useful for helping to determine if certain parts of it contain any bugs. It may run a bit faster too.

Other new lighting related settings in the Rendering\OpenGL Support section in the Advanced Options window.

PixelLighting - [True/False]
Per pixel lighting (meshes only).

PixelLightsMax - [Integer]
Generally best to leave set to the maximum of 4.

PixelLightHDR - [True/False]
Don't clamp light color components to 1.0.

PixelLightHDRLimit - [Floating point]
Maximum value of light color components for the HDR path. Can use to prevent some things from becoming too bright. Default value is 2.0. Can be set in the range 1.0 - 4.0. When limiting, uses scaling that preserves color.

FragmentProgramEpsilon - [True/False]
Enable this to potentially avoid performance problems on GeForce 6 and 7 series cards (depends on the driver and if it might make particularly poor attempts at certain optimizations).

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